[Youtube-dl-WebUI] Web interface for youtube-dl

Hi guys

I packaged a nice little web UI made by p1rox for youtube-dl



  • Video download from youtube, dailymotion, arte, m6, …
  • Audio only using avconv

Only tested over Debian 8, but there’s no reason it wouldn’t work on Debian 7

Here it is : GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/Youtube-dl-WebUI_ynh: Yunohost package for p1rox's Youtube-dl-WebUI

That’s my frst package, please let me know of anything to improve :smile:



After installation : seems you don’t restart nginx ? Must restart manually, else have a 404 on subdirectory of main domain.

I don’t look further , but seems there are a problem : i make a quick try with http://www.arte.tv/magazine/28minutes/fr/le-club-28-revisite-lactualite-de-la-semaine-28minutes-0 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7pLQ8-_l54 . But none of this work ?

I use /download for directory for testing (1st time used /home/me/videos).

I don’t know where is the error log file .

But: i want this one ! Great idea (and thanks).

Amazing app! It works very well. Thanks for packaging :smile:

NICE UI, but there is already a new http://www.ytdl.info

Hi @Bungil

It’s just my humble opinion but this www.ytdl.info is about using their API. Maybe they’re nice guys etc. But I’m not sure, so security is a question. And YunoHost is about installing your own server, not a simple limited website, so I’ld just install youtube-dl localy, no need for third party.

I’m not maintaining this package, and p1r0x’s not maintaining the related webui. I’ld advice finding something maintained, or use a web terminal ui to directly use the cli.

Best regards,