Ynh-vpn client and Mullvad VPN



Im trying to set up Mullvad open VPN togehter with the VPN client, but no success so far.
I have tried this config for a cube-file;
“server_name”: “se-sto-008.mullvad.net”,
“server_port”: “1197”,
“server_proto”: “udp”,
“ip6_net”: “”,
“ip4_addr”: “”,
“crt_server_ca”: "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----

“crt_client”: “”,
“crt_client_key”: “”,
“crt_client_ta”: “”,
“login_user”: “user-name”,
“login_passphrase”: “password”,
“dns0”: “”,
“dns1”: “2001:913::8”,
“openvpn_rm”: [ ],
“openvpn_add”: [ “topology subnet” ]

Is there tutorial on this or anyone got it working?
Any help is much appreciated!

In mullvad Q&A:

Do I get a shared or dedicated IP address?

So it won’t work, you need a dedicated public IP with ports open.

For the same price, you can have an “Alsace réseau Neutre” VPN, but it’s better if you speak french (support and interfaces are in french).
I don’t know well english vpn provider

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Mullvad provides only 5 ports for you to open/use for your services since it provides only shared address.
I have tried the same in the past and was not easy. In case anyone finds an alternative I might be interested

As far as the above, I wish they had some English guidance.

So you might be able to configure some apps to use it. Otherwise you need a static ip and also be able to open ports as well.

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Hi, and thanks for you info!

Yeah, maybe we could have a English guide on how to get arn-fai.net up and running :pray:

Or may be we can found some english ip dedicated VPN providers.

From my research, I’ve found some but they do not meet some criteria like payment without credit cards, paypal, anonymous accounts etc privacy related issues like Mullvad offers.


I have managed to connect to Mullvad open VPN via yunohost client.
Ports are not forwarded, but I have found this - https://mullvad.net/sv/help/port-forwarding-and-mullvad/#add

Have anyone tried this?

It’s written:

Note: You cannot request a specific port number, you can only generate a random port number.

So it could not really work properly… Cause you need specific port number like 80, 443, 25… Without this port, you won’t be able to get a let’s encrypt certificate, so your communication won’t be encrypted. And your user will have to enter the port number in the address bar of their browsers.

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Ok, got it now…

Ok, so one/best option for now is seting up my own openVPN ?
like - https://docs.ovh.com/us/en/vps/openvpn/

For the same price, you can have an “Alsace réseau Neutre” VPN

Are there any such providers but outside France or EU, which are not under EU/France laws?

Yep, and it works quite well.
You can do it with any VPS provider actually (and install the OpenVPN server with the Angristan OpenVPN installer script). You’ll then be able to forward any port you want.

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