Ynh_portal.js and others

Hi! Is there a way to disable “ynh_portal.js”, “ynh_overlay.css”, “custom_overlay.css”, “custom_portal.js” but only for my web custom app?

I’m trying to install a static web site and i’m using “custom web app”, but i would like to reduce web charging time. Or only disable js.


You have 2 ways to disable it.
One just for one app, and one global.

For one app :
sudo nano /etc/nginx/conf.d/my-domain/my-application.conf
There you can comment the line importing the import :

 # show YunoHost panel access
 #include conf.d/yunohost_panel.conf.inc;

Finally restart nginx
sudo service ngnix reload

If you want to globally disable it :
comment everything in
So each app will continue to import it, but it will be empty (only comments), so nothing will happen.


Hi, Thank you very much! It worked very well.

Best regards!

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