Ynh-dev newbie error

Hi guys, trying to play around with ynh-dev to package an nodejs app to manage Mongo databases (GitHub - mongo-express/mongo-express: Web-based MongoDB admin interface, written with Node.js and express).
I’m running Archlinux in my laptop, and decided to try ynh-dev with LXD.

I got lxd installed, sudo lxd init done (with all defaults except yunohost as storage name).
Then run the curl command

‘curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yunohost/ynh-dev/master/deploy.sh | bash’

to install ynh-dev, so far so good !
However when running

ynh-dev start

I get the following error:

[sudo] Mot de passe :
Error: The remote “yunohost” doesn’t exist
[CRIT] Failed to launch the container ?

I’m a bit knowledgeable on Linux, however this whole lxd thing is quite new to me, so I suspect a rookie mistake here.
What did I do wrong ?

Nevermind, I forgot this step:

sudo lxc remote add yunohost https://devbaseimgs.yunohost.org --public