Ynh alternative to arena? + note/wiki apps discussion


i was wondering if anyone knows about apps on yunohost which could serve as an alternative to are.na?


I didn’t know Arena, but if I understand correctly, it is a platform to organize resources (images, videos, text) around specific topics and share them with a community.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is an equivalent for Yunohost.

The ideas I would explore would be either on the side of wikis (TiddlyWiki, Dokuwiki), or on the side of bookmark management applications, like Shaarli.

I’m interested in this topic myself and am curious to see if anyone has other ideas.

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hi and yes, i think your definition describes it brillantly, although, just for clarity, this:

is something im not interested in.
i just want to collect and organise for myself to be fair. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

i haven’t tried a wiki yet, so i might give it a go if you think it might be a good workaround.
not sure im into the bookmarks manager though.

i would love something like a big board on which i can just stick anything. a link, an image, a text, a whatever!

thank you for sharing and helping. :blush:

im also happy to see if anyone else has other suggestions.

Another idea would be to find any CMS with a pinboard theme. For example, there is this (not free) theme for Wordpress.

However, I am afraid that such a solution is a bit less flexible in use than are.na, Pinry or Raindrop.io.

i wouldn’t go for that because the idea is avoid using money i dont hve lol, but
that sounds cool too.
i just not sure how much “accessible” and “easy to use” it will be on wordpress. im finding it a bit too clanky recently and im trying to go away from it.

the first one especially looks like something i woud probably use, sadly they don’t seem to be on ynh though. :smiling_face_with_tear:

someone somewhere else suggested zotero, which, for me, has zero sex appeal, starting from the academic jargon. but i wanted to share it with you anyway since we are doing this now. :grin:

hey jln!
how are you?

i have a little update on this little adventure of mine. :grin:
i started looking at ynh appsafter having checked your recommendations, and that’s my feedback so far!

turtl seemed to be a great candidate, but the app wasn’t working and nothing seemed to have happened in the past two/three years, so i gave up quickly.
however, i left a message in the github to which i’ve got replied that life is shit, but something is happening in the meantime.

then i tried standard notes, which seemed a great candidate, especially for the variety of code languages you could write in (i need that right now). but, well, in general. it was a lot of good stuff. but when i installed it something weird was happening in the app and then i read this. so i will probably not even bother.

after that i went to trilium, which seems to be a less “powerful” version of standard notes. however, the ynh app seems to be broken (many things don’t work) and the android app is borderline useless (yess, i need a synced mobile version too).

untimately, i approached tiddly wiki and it seems another smaller/younger brother of standard notes, but i like its minimalism and the possibility to expand it through plugins. plus, there is a working android app which i only need to understand how to sync with :upside_down_face: and then it might become my first “official” choice from this whole bundle of staff.

that was longer than i expected.
love and solidarity.

bumping this app not necessarily for the arena alternative question, but because this conversation led me down the path that basically brought me here again.
that’s some psychedelic stuff going on.

anyway, the research for a non-arena made me encounter some very nice tools.

im currently using Joplin for general notetaking in my life (workshops, d&d, classes, personal wishlists, etc.) and LogSeq for journaling (even though im sure i will do more with it the more functions i discover.

however, i am now looking for a wiki or wiki-like software to use to work and organise some specific projects. ah, for all of these tools im using their equivalent android app on my phone because i need this stuff to always be accessible to me.

i tried tiddlywiki/tiddlydesktop since everybody loves it, but it is too chaotic for me. i also checked tiddly roam, which is slightly better in terms of visual for me, but it doesn’t translate the same way on android due to missing plugins so theres that.

ive seen bookstack and i really think i enjoy that aesthetic, but it only works online/self-hosted. i need to sync my stuff between phone and machine, but i want to be free to work on them while offline.

so, yeah, there is that.
does anyone have suggestions?
what are your opinions and what mentioned so far?
do you use any of these software?