Yet another let's encrypt certificate topic


Just came accross this page after seeing that the let’s encrypt certificate failed to renew itself :

For non french readers it says “certificate is almost expired and will NOT renew itself automatically” and a few lines later “certificate is renewed automatically during the last 15 days of its validity”

So two questions emerge :

  • which box do i trust ?
  • since i know that the renewing will most certainly f#ck up (it does every time :smiley: ), what can i do to ensure it actually works ?

Pretty sure it’s the old bug in 3.8.x due to the name change in Let’s Encrypt certification authority, so Yunohost doesn’t recognize it properly …

Please consider upgrading to 4.x …

I’m actually 4.1.8 :smiley:
I also have a bunche of DNS configuration errors :

But if i use the recommanded
dyndns yunohost dyndns update --force

i get
Aucun domaine n'a été enregistré avec DynDNS

Wokay then can you say:

  • when you migrated to 4.1.x approximately
  • did you reinstall / restored the entier server at some point

I waited a few months after 4.x release before migrating from 3.x to 4.x but from then i was pretty thorough with keeping my system up to date…

And no, i did not cross the red line and never reinstalled / restored

I just migrated to 4.2 and as always it went smoothly and all is great !
The let’s encrypt certificate finally updated itself automatically after a few errors but i still have the same errors regarding dyndns and the dns diagnostic…

You probably reinstalled the entire server at some point (maybe if that was at the beginning) with an already-registered domain.

You should ask for your domain’s reset on the appropriate topic, then re-subscribe it on your server with yunohost dyndns subscribe -d

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Well i may have reinstalled the whole thing at some very early point, that’s right…

will do, thanks !

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