XMPP discussion history on server?

I’m trying the XMPP feature, with

  • Pidgin on my pc
  • Conversation on my Android
  • Chatsecure on friend’s iOS

With my account on 2 devices, I can’t retreive the discussion history with my friend.
We use OMEMO.

I think it’s ok with a ‘group’ chat, to read what has been written while not beeing online, but OMEMO is not used to secure the connection between users.

Server side problem ? Feature not available ? Misconfiguration on xmpp clients ?

Thx :slight_smile:

Humm another test today.

Message with images sent from Conversations on Android, and friend was offline.
Friend is now connected, and is able to catch those offline messages with images.

So, I think it’s a Pidgin problem… And I’ve seen there’s XEP-0313: Message Archive Management enable on server, that’s why it should be ok for reading archives stored on server…

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