Wrong time on Raspberry

Hi, I just tried to use the Raspberry image of Yunohost. The Pi starts to boot, but when it mounts and fscks the root file system I get an error that it was last mounted in the future. It tells me that “now” is 14 June 2015, and the fs was mounted on 7 Nov 2015 (that was when I mounted it on my PC). I can fix this by manually running fsck, but why is my current time 5 months in the past?


The Raspberry Pi has no hardware clock (battery). It is therefore by default never on time.

We can remedy this by connecting a GPS component via the GPIO taken on the card. But there are simpler! If you are connected to the Internet, simply synchronize with a remote clock using NTP.

To set the time at the right time zone, run:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

We offer you to choose your time zone. This will change the

/ etc / localtime.

Or change with

sudo raspi-config

The strange thing is that it synchronized, as far as I see in the boot messages… but to the wrong date. When I manually run fsck and reboot it will synchronize again and set the correct date.