Words of wisdom for newbies? Recommended first steps?

"First of all, I want to express my appreciation for your work and the excellent article you have written. I can relate to it on a personal level. I have experimented with various server panels, including those before I discovered Yunohost, and I have also tried other options with Debian. However, one thing is certain: I am committed to Debian, and no other software can replace it in my heart. :joy: I absolutely adore Debian, just like I love Yunohost today.

I must admit that at the beginning, there were some disagreements and doubts about whether we would continue our journey together. I have tested numerous server panels, particularly from the open-source community, as well as various hosting providers. I could write a book about my experiences, which I am actually doing on my blog. Throughout my journey, I have constantly tried, deleted, and rebuilt, until I found a blog that became my reference point. It is now an integral part of my entire system, and I am in the process of downloading all my data using Archivist. Although I haven’t had much experience with Archivist yet and I am aware of its small bug, I remain hopeful that it will continue to create backups regularly, as I expect.

In addition to the bug, I have also created a small menu to address the minor issues. Despite not being the youngest, I have self-taught myself through reading and staying informed. My journey is far from over, whether it involves hosting providers, server services, or open-source software. However, I have made certain commitments to specific providers such as Hetzner, All-ink, Profi-Webspace, and, of course, Yunohost. I understand your perspective on sticking with pre-installed apps, and I share the same sentiment. I have carefully chosen the apps that fulfill my needs, and I feel that I do not require additional tasks. I only hope that Yunohost will continue to maintain and support these apps in the long run.

I have provided a link to my machine and an article I posted in the support section this morning. I completely agree with your points about providing information and tips to users. Unfortunately, my English skills are not sufficient for me to contribute to the documentation. However, I will create a dedicated space in my forum for such contributions. I wish you the best of luck in your server-related endeavors, whether it’s deciding on a panel or sticking with Yunohost. I hope that you will find stability and success with Yunohost in the end. Good luck with your future plans.

Link to my machine: Machine Link Link to my forum article: Forum Article

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