Wordpress sso don't work, workaround? possible at this time?


I hope somebody can help me.
I don’t get sso to work for wordpress.

Only the administrator works. Other users sometimes login into wordpress
as the administrator. (I think browser cache)
My question?
Is it a bug? (The wordpress plugins very old) Is it worth to try it?
Is it possible at that time? Is there a work arround?

Please help me. I want to use wordpress as dashboard for a little company (10 user)
put without sso it make’s not really sense.

(Sorry for my poor english)

Hi Leopold

Is your problem only about SSO ? Does LDAP work as expected ?
All YunoHost users should be able to connect to wordpress without problem, as wordpress is linked to ldap.

For HTTP Auth, the SSO, a plugin is already installed in wordpress but disable as default.
Did you activate it and still encounter issues with it ?

I get it to work.
When I first login with every user and than activate the HTTP Authentication it
But when I at the Wordpress Homepage I’m not really logged in.
I must press login.
Is there a way for a direct login without this step?

Unfortunately no, the plugin is very old and probably not fully compatible anymore.
As strange as it can be, there’s no more recent plugin for that.

Thanks for your help.