Wordpress is back


Hello everyone,

Yunohost team is happy to announce that the official WordPress app is again functional.
You can install it from your yunohost administration interface.

Enjoy :grinning:


Is the WordPress (wordpress) and WordPress MultiSite (wordpressms) same package now?
I have WordPress MultiSite (wordpressms) installed. Can I update ?

Yes, you can update your package.
Wordpress and wordpressms has became same package.

Hi @Maniack_Crudelis,
It seems you are in the WP app team.

I know you see my issue with WP update.

Did you see my answer and the question
Is WP autonomous about updates or dependant of YNH?

Thank you in advance for you.
Otherwise, everything is clear, thank you for this web app.

Best regards,
José from France.