Wordpress Installation problem

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3b+
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server : through the webadmin

Hi, it’s my first time i’m tryin to setup a yunohost server for wordpress, drupal and other stuff.

let’s go to the problem: i can’t install wordpress in any way.

I tried several times and i tried some forks from github but nothing.

I reinstalled yunohost several time on the sd card flashing with balenaetcher but nothing.

this is the log file


Please may u help me to fix that?

Thanks :slight_smile:

2020-11-15 00:59:38,523: DEBUG - + php7.3 /var/www/wordpress/wp-cli.phar --allow-root --path=/var/www/wordpress plugin install simple-ldap-login
2020-11-15 00:59:50,554: DEBUG - + ynh_exit_properly
2020-11-15 00:59:50,555: WARNING - Error: Error establishing a database connection.

That doesn’t help very much, but I saw something similar a few days ago so it’s probably not specific to your setup :confused: I don’t quite understand why this happens though … Our automatic tests are not able to reproduce the issue :confused:

i really appreciate that u answer me :).

what could i do? there’s another way to install wordpress?

i flash the card on macos with balenaetcher, maybe i can try other stuff?

i installed myphp admin and i see that when yunohost install the plug made a simple database called wordpress… there’s a way to install wordpress manually?

Hmmmm I believe it’s really a software and app-specific issue, nothing to do with the hardware or the way you setup Yunohost …

Naively maybe using a more up-to-date version of the app (still in testing, but should be fine to use it already…) could solve the issue though that’s really a random guess.

If you want to give this a try, you can run this on the command line:

sudo yunohost app install https://github.com/ericgaspar/wordpress_ynh/tree/5.5.3

:smiley: i’m really a noob. i have to do that on ssh or there’s a terminal app inside yunohost? :smiley:

You have to do this using SSH yes :sweat_smile:

thanks. sorry for being so noob :).
i will try as soon as i can.

btw many compliments for this distro… i’m thinking to install it over an old macmini 2009 with ssd… :slight_smile:

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still doesn’t work.

Warning: 2020-11-15 18:04:44 URL:https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wp-cli/builds/gh-pages/phar/wp-cli.phar [5568133/5568133] -> “/var/www/wordpress/wp-cli.phar” [1]

Warning: Error: The site you have requested is not installed.

Warning: Run wp core install to create database tables.

Error: Could not install wordpress: An error occurred inside the app installation script

Info: The operation ‘Install the ‘wordpress’ app’ could not be completed. Please share the full log of this operation using the command ‘yunohost log display 20201115-175638-app_install-wordpress --share’ to get help

Warning: Here’s an extract of the logs before the crash. It might help debugging the error:

Info: DEBUG - + mysql --user=wordpress --password=********** --batch wordpress

Info: DEBUG - + sleep 1

Info: DEBUG - + for i in seq 1 300

Info: DEBUG - + ynh_mysql_connect_as --user=wordpress --password=********** --database=wordpress

Info: DEBUG - + grep --quiet wp_options

Info: DEBUG - + database=wordpress

Info: DEBUG - + mysql --user=wordpress --password=********** --batch wordpress

Info: DEBUG - + sleep 1

Info: DEBUG - + for i in seq 1 300

Info: DEBUG - + grep --quiet wp_options

Info: DEBUG - + ynh_mysql_connect_as --user=wordpress --password=********** --database=wordpress

Info: DEBUG - + database=wordpress

Info: DEBUG - + mysql --user=wordpress --password=********** --batch wordpress

Info: DEBUG - + sleep 1

Info: DEBUG - + echo ‘[########+++++…] > Installing wordpress plugins…’

Info: INFO - [########+++++…] > Installing wordpress plugins…

Info: DEBUG - + wget --no-verbose https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wp-cli/builds/gh-pages/phar/wp-cli.phar --output-document=/var/www/wordpress/wp-cli.phar

Info: DEBUG - + wpcli_alias=‘php7.3 /var/www/wordpress/wp-cli.phar --allow-root --path=/var/www/wordpress’

Info: WARNING - 2020-11-15 18:04:44 URL:https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wp-cli/builds/gh-pages/phar/wp-cli.phar [5568133/5568133] -> “/var/www/wordpress/wp-cli.phar” [1]

Info: DEBUG - + php7.3 /var/www/wordpress/wp-cli.phar --allow-root --path=/var/www/wordpress plugin install simple-ldap-login

Info: DEBUG - + ynh_exit_properly


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