Wordpress install fail : PHP_MAX_CHILDREN

Log: https://paste.yunohost.org/raw/juxahidiko

-Wordpress install fail : PHP_MAX_CHILDREN
I setup yunohost from iso for virtualbox and i select language Turkish.
when i try to setup wordpress via yunoadmin panel i can not success.
i Shared log with tituspijean @titus:pijean.ovh he noticed there is a turkish letter in variable name . If we use a function to convert a string from uppercase to lowercase we have problem in turkish. if convert in english : I → i but in turkish I → ı (without dot).
install script must not convert variablename to lowercase.
i will download from GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/wordpress_ynh: WordPress package for YunoHost and i will cancel in install script a part about php-fpm config for temprorary solution.

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Hi Ramazangeven,

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Thanks for mentioning that, it could go wrong in other scripts as well. Good luck with the workaround!

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