Wordpress application password, cannot connect from n8n


I have a problem trying to connect from n8n to WordPress. The login works well, but when the WordPress node tries to create a post it says that the user cannot create posts (it’s an admin user!).

ERROR: Authorization failed - please check your credentials
401 - {"code":"rest_cannot_create","message":"Sorry, you are not allowed to create posts as this user.","data":{"status":401}} - Sorry, you are not allowed to create posts as this user.

It seems related to an authentication issue (I seen that ynh WordPress doesn’t allow application password). Do you know any workaround?
Thank you :grin:

Ynh * Powered by YunoHost (stable).
WP Installed version: 6.4.2~ynh2
n8n Installed version: 1.9.3~ynh1

I’m not the only one!

Right now I’ve found an escamotage, that is sending an email to Wordpress, so that it does post the content of my email. Still, it would be nice to understand how to create Application Password from the Wordpress version of YunoHost.

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