Wireguard VPN Docker GUI

Hello awesome yunhost community!

I found a nice looking wireguard GUI as docker image:

github: /subspacecloud/subspace (I am not allowed to post links at as first post)

and was wondering if anybody can point me in any direction how to set this up as yunohost app. I am still very new to the eco system and do not understand most of the sso parts or the app setup system but I am willing to learn to get this up and running (even if only on my own system not as app)

But before I start working on the app itself I want to test the sso feature. If you look at screenshot 3 there is a SAML sso hook but I do not know the correct metadata.

Thank you for the upcoming help :wink:

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Welcome and thanks for joining the forum!

It has been a while since your post, I just started looking into Wireguard and your post is the first I started reading on the forum (my French is too rusty to easily digest the French posts :frowning: ).

SSOwhat is explained at https://github.com/YunoHost/SSOwat.

I had a look at the repository you pointed at, it seems the contributor lost access to Github or just lost interest. The project for Subspace is forked at:

Another project was started at:

I don’t know their relative merits and hope to look into it later!


Now that Yunohost 4.0 is based on Debian buster and Wireguard is in the default Debian depot, it would be nice to have a nice interface for Wireguard as we have already for OpenVPN thanks to https://labriqueinter.net/ project (https://github.com/labriqueinternet/vpnclient_ynh).

A Wireguard client on Yunohost?