Win 11 Pro ->Virtualbox Next Office in local subdomain won't resolve

WIN11 PRO Virtualbox Yunohost

Hardware: Legion 5 Laptop
YunoHost version: 11.0.9
I have access to my server : Yes, local
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Description of my issue

hi everyone,
I am very new to this so please bear with me.

working on a win 11 pro VM (virtualbox with yunohost installed) and my router doesn’t support redirecting so i edited my local host file to: yunohost.local word.yunohost.local

to test things out i installed nextcloud, next office and collabora, set the subdomain in collabora to word.yunohost.local. Everything installed fine, but next office wont greenlight the subdomain word.yunohost.local. also i can’t login into the admin area of collabora online (ofc i used the password i setup while installing collabora). Checking the logs on nextcloud it seems like it cant resolve the subdomain?

GuzzleHttp\Exception\ConnectException: cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: word.yunohost.local (see for https://word.yunohost.local/hosting/capabilities

What did i miss or do wrong?
Thank you all for your patience and help in advance

Ps: i jsut tested the app focalboard which also requries a subdomain and the same issues occur.

.local domains are reserved for mDNS protocol, which does not support subdomains. The Diagnosis should warn you about that.

Using the hosts file on the host might override this, but I am unsure the VM with YunoHost will follow this.

To be sure that it is not a mDNS issue, can you try with another TLD, like .test ?

thank you very much for your reply! i tried what you recommended, but unfortunately have the same issues. without knowing too much about it the real issue i believe i am too unexperienced to really find a solution without asking a trillion questions, so i will read up on the documentation of each piece of software to maybe come back with at least a bit of understanding of whats going on under the hood.

thanks again and back to the drawing board :wink:

on another note: i am kind of sick of the virtual machine and thinking of getting a raspberry. the website writes version 3 or 4, but they come in different configurations. which raspberry would you guys recommend?

I used to do it when I was using windows.
Easy :

  1. I create a dummy domain “home.up” on the yunohost webadmin
  2. I create a subdomain “drive.home.up” also on the webadmin, and so on, install apps
  3. get the ip address of the yunohost server (from ssh using ip -a)
  4. open the hosts file of windows and add a new line “ home.up” at the end of the file and save it (change the ip according to yours)
  5. open “home.up” on a browser in the windows
  6. you can access it from any connected devices in your local network if change its hosts file (smartphone, another computer, etc…)
    If I remember correctly, I changed the ethernet configuration on virtualbox to Nat instead of bridged.

Some apps may require you to add a line to the hosts file of the yunohost server “ home.up”
Good luck

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hi and thank you very much for taking the time to reply!

i have done all the modifications you mention before and apps like Agendav, Baikal, Nextcloud (Calendar+invtites) and Seafile work, so maybe the self assigned certificates might not work whenever there is a subdomain involved? i also tested the Focalboard app, which also requires its own subdomain and there i cant even login. unfortunately i haven’t looked into the ins and outs of certificates (how to generate, verify, where to place, where to edit, root certificates etc…)

Again, i know i have much to learn to at least give you pros somewhat of a meaningful description of a technical problem as to not waste your time.

thanks for all your help :wink:

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