Will yunohost install documentation switch to yunohost 11 for raspberry pi?

I saw the announcement that yunohost 11 is near to becoming stable (congratulations!).

I also saw that on the yunohost install website documentation, the current version of yunohost to be installed is

I’ve been working on a package which makes use of YNH_ARCH in the install, which I’ve realized is only available in yunohost versions > 4.3.

I wondered if the plan is to change the yunohost install website to soon suggest install yunohost 11 image by default? And if this version of yunohost also has YNH_ARCH? … I would guess this is the plan, and that I should not do extra work right now just to change the install script to support so that new yunohost users on raspberry pi can use my package, but I wanted to confirm this was the plan.

It is close to stable for a while now. I sometimes wonder if yunohost is close to being abandoned too. Everyone probably means well but it might be to big or complex for the (few?) maintainers. I don’t know, just looking at the slow pace.

But I guess at some point this summer or after that there will be the upgrade and that the docs will follow.

The bottleneck here is the generation of the RPi image, we have difficulties with that. And yes, we contributors have little free time.

You seem to have overseen that you can install that older image and upgrade directly afterwards to the latest version. With that in mind, you have virtually no problem here.

Ok thank you for the info! I think one of the biggest strengths of yunohost is the clear documentation, and easy set up for non-technical users.

I would like to onboard more people onto yunohost, but I think I will wait until the rpi image listed on the website is at a version that supports the latest package format, so that they can have a smooth setup experience, without the extra step of needing to update right after installing.

You can do as you wish, right now the solution is to simply click on the “Update system” menu in the webadmin. It’s also a great way to educate the people on keeping their servers up-to-date.

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mm thats a good point!