Will 5g begin a new era of serve yourself/ self hosting

Hey everybody,

The hype around 5g is kind of crazy but if most of it is true it has the potential to shake up the whole web as we know it. I have seen speeds discussed as high as 400 megabit and if we could get symmetrical uploads and the insanely good latency they claim the sky is the limit to what we can serve especially with federation sharing schemes.

I think it could lead to more acceptable serve at home proposals whereas right now most of us have to hope we don’t wake up with our connection NAT’ed.

Selling boxes that have our goodies preloaded may make some business sense and perhaps a foundation could be formed to help with Dynamic DNS if necessary.

What say you?

Hmmm so what exactly do you have in mind ? Are you thinking about self-hosting a server on a smartphone ? Or using 5G as a home internet connection ?

I don’t have any idea or clear view of what to expect from 5G - but from my experience with 4G so far I’m a bit disappointed by the reliability ? Also naively I expect that this is going to be only available in “big cities” (and in “big north countries” ) at least for the next 10 years, and I don’t understand how this is going to bring anything better than optical fibers :sweat_smile: So naively for the context of self-hosting that looks like a edge case / advanced use case to me ?

Hi Aleks

5g is supposed to become two distinct services, mobile and home use. The reports I have read for mobile indicate that it won’t be much different than 4g lte in terms of speed however the speeds for fixed 5g wireless has been claimed to become a major upsetting disruption for cable internet companies even those bringing in fiber. The last mile problem is much easier with wireless than with fiber. The first 5g networks come online in a couple cities late this year but it will have blanket coverage across the us far more rapidly than cable and may take just a few years to achieve 4g lte like availability.

This is a good place to start: