[wiki.js] How to setup LDAP?

Hello dear Yunohosters,

I im trying to setup wiki.js.

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Rock64 at home
YunoHost version: 4.1.5
wiki.js version 2.5.170
I have access to my server : through the webadmin and if required direct access via keyboard / screen
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : new install, IPv6 and email not yet working, registered the wiki.js admin wih my private (non-yunohost) email

Description of my issue

Problem 1 (solved)

Email is not setup correctly, so I did not receive the post installation email with the steps to setup LDAP. Unfortunately those LDAP steps are

Problem 2

I copy pasted everything, removing the cn=‘root’ from Admin Bind DN.
Then I created a custom group that can read/write all content things.
Then I added this group to “registration”/“assign to group”

Trying to log in I get the error

Invalid email / username or password


  1. Was it ok to register wih a non-yunohost email or should I re-install registering the yunohost admin as wiki admin?
  2. Was it ok to copy paste settings or should I replace dc=yunohost,dc=org with my domain?
  3. Was it ok to copy paste settings or should I replace LDAP_PASSWORD and LDAP_USER with email and password of the administrator I set up during installation or the yunohost admin?

Thanks in advance!

Reading the install script, wikijs_ynh/install at master · YunoHost-Apps/wikijs_ynh · GitHub

ynh_replace_string --match_string=“LDAP_PASSWORD” --replace_string="$ldap_password" --target_file="…/conf/ldap_message"

the answer to question 3 is yes, but

ldap_password=$(ynh_string_random --length=8)

the password is random and you cannot tell me, so I either
A) need to setup email and re-install
B) find that mail in a file via command line
C) Change the password of user svc_wikijs_ldap via the admin interface


I think the fastest solution is to reinstall wiki.js so you can get the email explaining how to setup ldap and containing the password necessary to connect to the yunohost ldap. Be sure to enter an email that will be able to recieve the post-installation email, so most likely a yunohost email.

Edit : if the email is still not setup correctly, the post-installation mail might still be on your server. What does sudo postqueue -p shows?

I would let Wiki.JS users/maintainer answering the technical question. However I do know how to answer the last one.

The password is stored as a setting thanks to the line:

ynh_app_setting_set --app=$app --key=ldap_password --value=$ldap_password

D) It is in /etc/yunohost/apps/wikijs/settings.yml :wink:

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Ok, setup email with thunderbird and that is working (had the old email there) or at least I can receive system messages, re-installed anyway and created my custom group again.
Thank you very much!

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