[Wiki.js] Error uploading compressed folders in Assets (edited)

Hello all,

I’ve been playing around with Wiki.js and find it quite good actually. I have ran into an error though and would appreciate any help.
In a page, when I would like to upload a compressed folders e.g. .zip, .7z etc. I always get an error. Other uploads, eg. jpg, .html etc work just fine. The documents of the software say that zip files are allowed to be uploaded under asset though. https://docs.requarks.io/guide/assets

Any ideas ?


[edit] folders instead of files. I can upload compressed files.

Hi @HoldMyGin

If you’re not getting answers or tips here, maybe you can report the issue on Issues · YunoHost-Apps/wikijs_ynh · GitHub where it might get attention from the maintainers of the application ?

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