Wiki for YunoHost documentation?

:us: @YunoHost Is there any plan for a community wiki to collect valuable knowledge spread in YunoHost forum?
If you browse the forum, you’ll see that the same questions and solutions come up again and again. Making them available in a central location in addition to offical documentation would be great.

:fr: @YunoHost Est-ce qu’un Wiki communautaire pour collecter les connaissances échangées sur le forum est dans les cartons ?
En parcourant le forum on s’aperçoit que les mếmes questions et solutions reviennent souvent. Ce serait super de les rendre disponibles dans un point central en complément de la documentation officielle.

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discourse support the ‘wiki-fication’ of topics.

If a topic is very good and offers great insights, that could be turned into a wiki.

Look at Fairphone for examples: Guides - Fairphone Community Forum

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Here is the official documentation : Welcome! | Yunohost Documentation (available in multiple languages).
And all pages are can be modified.

In my opinion, the documentation should be enough, BUT people need to add content to it when they have a solution for their problem.


Yeah I don’t know what to say, the official doc is already supposed to be a “community wiki” for long-term knowledge, anybody can contribute, though granted that you need to be comfortable with Git/Github hence not easy for everybody

There’s also the Discuss/Tutorials section of this forum, which is supposedly meant for consolidated knowledge, and probably more accessible because it’s part of the forum so you don’t need specific skill like Git to contribute, but in the end it’s not really curated so not really as clean as it could.

I don’t see the benefit of having a “third” place to gather knowledge, it’d just add more confusion as to where to write stuff. I don’t think there’s magical tech solutions beside 1) encourage people to write clean documentation/tutorials once they figured out something, either on the forum or the git doc and 2) have people to review / curate / organize those


As I understand there are no plans for a community Wiki and the recommendations are either to contribute to official documentation (pull request on GitHub) or to use Tutorials posts in the forum.
Thank’s for your answer.

Updated to add how to contribute as suggested by @Mamie.

What about rewording this to : « the official documentation is already a Wiki, with one extra-step of validation. » ?

Simply add “frequently asked questions” to the documentation

Like this : Frequently Asked Questions | Yunohost Documentation ?
(I know, I had to search it and I knew it existed, but it exists :slight_smile: )

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May be it should be in the main menu

You can always create a pull request for this (I checked quickly and have no idea where the menus are created, I think that this is automatic, so create a new category just for FAQ, with only one page inside (translated in the different available languages).
Here : doc/pages/ at master · YunoHost/doc · GitHub

The docs are on grav, just moving the faq page to docs/pages folder

Too bad that new posts are automatically closed after 15 days since it prevents further contributing to relevant posts. Fortunately it’s still possible to contribute to old posts from before the rule was enforced. There are many posts with relevant content in the forum.

Threads are only closed automatically in the support sections, because those sections are meant to fix specific situation and not be long-term discussions nor documentation. If something is worth discussing on the long term, then it should be in the Discuss category, or possibly in the official documentation


We could go in tutorial category and transform every topic into wiki mode, like that everybody could edit/fix the tuto.

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That’s nice I thought it was global rule. That’s a sensible decision, I should have expect it from YunoHost team!

That would be nice. We can then ask posters in the discuss section to summarize the thread and post it in the tutorial section so that anyone can contribute.
No need for a GitHub account, just using YunoHost forum credentials.
'hope you’ll go for it.

And the meantime I will parse the IPv6 thread and try to create a summary post. Nothing prevent to do so. I should’ve done it before :innocent:

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