Why is Virtualbox discouraged for production use?

I would like to run Yunohost without plugging in another machine, so Virtualbox seems like a convenient option. However, the installation guide said that Virtualbox should only be used for testing or development, that a dedicated machine is better for production. Why?

If I’m going to use Virtual box for production anyway, what are the recommended installation requirements and settings to avoid trouble?

I had been running Yunohost mostly successfully on a Virtualbox machine for a while, but my /var ran out of space and I couldn’t figure out why. So, I just shut it down. I had been using it to run WordPress, TTRSS, and AdGuard Home. I’d like to give it another shot, but I want to make sure that the virtual machine is set up properly to begin with. The physical host machine is currently running Ubuntu 22.10 with 3.8GiB of RAM and a 4x 2.8 GHz Intel i5 processor.

It’s okay to use Virtualbox, but it’s not convenient :

  • Virtualbox usually runs on your desktop machine, which you will have to keep powered up 24/7 (at least if you intend for your server to always be up)
  • Configuring port forwarding is painful, but port forwarding PLUS finding the appropriate network settings in virtualbox is hell

Hence for both these reasons we discourage people from expecting anything more than “testing” YunoHost

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