Why Ext3 as default when installing from ISO?

I noticed after installing fresh for about the 5th time now that the ISO installer is selecting Ext3 as the filesystem. I thought Ext4 was the Debian default for a while now. Is there a reason that Ext3 is being selected in the Yunohost installer?

Hmmm, have you tried an official Debian ISO then ? Does it install ext4 ?

Our ISO should be just a customized iso built with some sort of “official script” from Debian (cdbuild) and I doubt that we have custom config to ue ext3 instead of ext4 :s …

The actual Debian installer uses Ext4. I’m doing a new install starting with the netinst ISO now.

It seems we have ext3 by default indeed:

Its ext3 with the latest 64 bit YunoHost image. Is there a downside of using ext3?