Whivh software to use if I want to clone properly my YUNOHOST to another HD ? (redundancy purpose)

Hi everybody

I recently switched my YNH from a 3TB HD to a 4TB SSD in my YNH… mainly to gain some speed in R/W.
I used clonezilla to clone the 3TB to the 4TB SSD. I thought it would be a cakewalk but it’s WASN’T !! Due to my lack of knowledge of Debian and the fact I use Clonezilla easily with Win/MacOS partitions/disks/images …

I had to fight a duplicate UUID, then with fstab with incorrect stuff in it… ok, I’ve learned my lesson and CloneZilla doesn’t seems to be the right software.

On MacOS X I use SuperDuper… before, I used Copy Carbon Cloner. The good thing is both these softwares is you can clone from a booted HD and it’s no problem as long as you don’t install heavy stuff in the system during the clone process (obviously).

Is there a way to clone a YNH (a full install) while it’s booted and have another HD which ready to boot on the spot ? If not, is there a way (live usb ?) to do it while it’s not booted (like CloneZilla) but without all the troubles I went thru after the cloning process ?

Thanks for ideas, wisdow, clues everyone !

I have also wondered about this question. I was also contemplating moving to an SSD drive.

Doesn’t yunohost backup fulfill this purpose. You can backup the important apps and the system.

  1. Run yunohost backup
  2. Replace hard drive
  3. Reinstall yunohost
  4. Restore backups

ah I tried to spare me the whole process, but maybe you’re right…

except I got several features added to my YUNOHOST which is not “YNH” … (I’ve added a desktop, nomachine and one or two little things…)

I came from a backup-reinstall process in these days and everything worked fine but you have to mind some little advices:

  • you need to put particular attention to applications that manage big amount of data like nextcloud. It’s better to make a separate backup for these data after stopped the process and restore after the installation;

  • put also a particular attention to the users because you could face permissions problems.

For the rest it worked fine!

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Hello !
I’ve already cloned a hard disk of a Windows 10 HP with Veeam (there is a free version).
I cloned from a 500GB mechanical Sata drive to a smaller SSD (256GB). The partition was not full of course.
Cloning is possible while the OS is running.

I have not tried it with a Linux machine, but the Veeam client offers the same options.

Cloning is not direct, we clone an image that can be stored on a USB key or in a shared folder. The tool will create an iso that will allow you to boot and then restore the image.

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