Where to find homeserver.yaml file after matrix-synapse app is installed

Hi! First of all I wanted to say this project is awesome and it makes it easy for anyone to selfhost anything for themselves, so THANK YOU!

I have a question related to the matrix synapse app from yunohost: i want to install more bridges than just the whatsapp mautrix that is also available through Yunohost. Let’s say i want to also bridge Telegram. I need to edit the homeserver.yaml file of my synapse instance in order to make it work, however I can’t find it. Is it just hidden somewhere or is the file named differently? Or is it just not possible to use other mautrix bridges with the yunohost synapse?

Thank you in advance!

I can’t answer the other questions, but the file is here:


Perfect! Thanks!!

Be sure to make a backup, just in case it is overwritten by an app upqrade.
(And if it happens, do not just restore your backup, maybe the upgrade changed things in the file)

okay thanks

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