Where is the location/file path of the nextcloud log file in Yunohost?

Ever since installing the memories app for nextcloud ynh28.0.3, my nextcloud log shows over 100,000 errors. Almost all of them related to the memories app. I can download the log file from the web gui, but where is it when SSH into the server? I thought it would be at /home/yunohost.app/nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log. But when I use nano to open that file, it is empty. Not matching what I downloaded with the 100,000 errors. Merci.

Hi Luncheon3462,

I also installed Memories, was not able to configure anything and left it at that for a while. Then one day, I was by coincidence able to select a random folder as root for an album. Since then I thought it worked, but your post had me searching for Nextcloud’s log facility.

I found it at nextcloud.url/settings/admin/logging. Mine is full of Memories errors as well!

On the file system I found some logging related locations, neither of which has log records clearly pertaining to the info in the web interface:

  • /var/www/nextcloud/apps/logreader seems to have logic to extract info from various places, but my Javascript-fu is too non-existant to make anything of it.
  • /var/log/nginx/* has access logs for the domain that hosts Nextcloud. Some entries seem to match the info in the web interface, but that can be a coincidence
  • /var/log/php8.2-fpm.log, only start/exit records for processes
  • (actually there’s a third, /var/log/nextcloud, but mine is empty)

I’m sure this is not the answer you were hoping for, but maybe it brings you a step closer.

As far as the actual “Memories” errors concerned: they seem innocent enough. The same set of 20-ish (?) pictures with broken EXIF that can not be indexed, over and over again.

My logging only has entries for error and warning, by the way, with the number of warnings (non-memories) being a multiple of the errors.

This is the correct one, you may find other old log files nextcloud.log.1 for example.

I’ve also installed it and found a huge list of errors in the logs (the log ended up to be 100M), so I removed the app and deleted the log file. I could fix almost all the errors, by installing other apps (recognise, maps) but it was eating a lot of storage, that doesn’t justify the purpose. I also installed preview generator, and tuned some settings according to the github repo, it is working since yesterday and I’m not sure if the results will be good, some users reported that the preview folder was bigger than the original photos. So l’m still looking for an alternative that can work on a small vps.

Me too, and I don’t think nextcloud stores logs there. Or maybe it couldn’t so it reverted to appdata. I had a lot of problems with the /var/log folder, about permissions and ownership, I had to fix manually one app at a time. I don’t remember having changed anything for the nextcloud folder in there.

no it’s not, it has been changed recently to /var/log/nextcloud/
otherwise people who modified the path to their data directory were experiencing fail2ban configuration errors

I’m still on 28.0.2~ynh1, I missed that part. I was waiting for a large transfer to finish.

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