Where is the administrator page on Hubzilla


I installed the Hubzilla package and I want to connect it on Diaspora and StatusNet, but I don’t found the administration page to add hubzilla addons.

Can you help me?

Hi @umlaut
You can try the latest version here GitHub - anmol26s/hubzilla_ynh: YunoHost App for Hubzilla Hub

For Admin account there is a note in the readme:

When installation is complete, you will need to visit your new hub and login with the admin account you specified in the app installation form. You should then be able create your first channel and have the admin rights to the hub. For normal YunoHost users:You can login through Ldap authentication and create the channel accourding to the hub settings. For admin:If you don’t see the admin rights in your nav bar drop down menu or want to grant admin rights for any other user on the hub then you have to manually add 4096 to the account_roles for that account in the database through phpMYAdmin.

Thank, i’ll try it soon.

Sure, if you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask :wink: