Where can I get self signed certificate so that I could import it into my browser

Hi guys, currently I am working on using self signed certificate instead of Let’s Encrypt for my yunohost, reason behind is because my ISP don’t allow me to perform port forwarding and therefore can’t perform Let’s Encrypt.

Is there a way I could download or get the self signed certificate from my Yunohost and then just import into my browser?

Hi YapWC,

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How in convenient :frowning:

In Firefox, to download the certificate:

  • click on the padlock icon in the address bar
  • “Connection is (not) secure” → more information
  • Popup: click button “View certificate”
  • New page: somewhere halfway: click “Download PEM”

To install the certificate:

  • Settings
  • Privacy & Security
  • Towards the bottom: “Certificates”, click “View Certificates…”
  • New popup, “Certificate Manager”
  • At the bottom: click Import
  • Search for your downloaded certificate

After doing all this, it could be that Firefox still warns you when visiting your website.

If you can spare a few euro per year (at 3 euro per year there is already choice), you could get a very small, IPv6-only, VPS. On that VPS you’d install Wireguard, and also on your Yunohost. Now when you connect them, you can point your DNS AAAA record to the IPv6 of your new VPS, and let Letsencrypt sign the certificate that way.

In this way, you could also access your server from the internet.