When is Yunohost packaged (for Raspberry Pi)?

Hi all,

I recently downloaded yunohost for my raspberry pi as instructed in the documentation (yunohost-stretch-3.4.2-rpi-stable). I got it installed eventually, and was going to setup my Let’s Encrypt cert from admin web interface. The installation failed however. Some searching on the error message on the forum I found the issue: End of life for SSL certificate Let's Encrypt ACMEv1 It seems that the issue was fixed, but that the packaged yunohost offered for download through the documentation has not been updated (I guess for over half a year). So I have two questions:

First of all I was wondering if someone could please update the package that is offered for download in the documentation?

Second, is there already a workflow in place to update the packages which are offered for download in the documentation when a new version is released? And if so, what has the workflow been?


Yes, the image is kind of outdated and will be updated eventually …

But about your issue with LetsEncrypt, have you considered the fact that you should upgrade the system (in the webadmin, section “Upgrade”) …