What mobile client are you using for navidrome?

I am using subtracks from f-droid, everything works fine, except downloading some songs that I want to have when streaming may not work. How to make it work? Any tip?
Thanks for having this great app on yunohost, it makes life amazing to listen to my music on my “private spotify”.

I am using ultrasonic and I don’t have any problem

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Subtracks has no support for download yet. A full rewrite is in progress and you can test it but it’s on alpha3 and not stable now (however, you can install the 1.3.0 and the 2.0.0-alpha.3 versions side by side).
This new version support download only for albums and not track by track.

I’m using Audinaut before Subtracks. It support download but it is no longer maintained.

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Hello !

I was using navidrome but did not ever find a good subsonic client to go along. Ultrasonic was kinda good but had a clunky UI and regularly messed up downloads. Every alternative i found was unmaintained since the 1800s…

So now my music library is handled by jellyfin (and lidarr), i use the awesome Fintunes client and i’m quite happy with this combo.

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Subtracks just works for me, but it lacks some features that may come along in the future. I can play playlists so it is enough for me.

Ultrasonic: I can log in; see song lists; albums; … but I can not play any of them. Something is wrong with my config or I’m missing some cue but pressing play button does not play ANY song. It happens with two diferent devices, so unistalled.

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This new release looks amazing :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I am using Substreamer on iOS and ,most of the time, it works very well.

From time to time strange things happens, but I not able to say if the issues comes from Sub streamer or from Navidrome…

Substreamer is “free” and I don’t know exactly what his business model is…

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