What is the state of Piwigo


TL;DR Is the Piwigo app still maintained?

I recently noticed there was a major upgrade available for Piwigo. I had not used it myself for a while, so before upgrading I went to check if it’s working fine. I noticed some PHP errors appearing on top of the page related to the LDAP plugin, and I was not able to log in to the app… I could also not used SSO to access it, even though it is installed on a subdomain of my main YNH domain. Not sure what changed and how it happened…

So I decided to be hopeful and tried to upgrade and hope it would solve the problem.
The upgrade went fine but:

  • I am still not able to log in (but no PHP error anymore)
  • and on top of that the photos are not displayed anymore. It looks like it’s trying to retrieve photos from the wrong place, because I can see the photo files in the file system.

I checked the YNH forum, and I see people facing similar problems for quite a while, without answer. I also see people reporting similar problems on Github, without any answer.

So I am wondering, is piwigo_ynh broken and not maintained anymore ? The catalog still features it as a good quality app.

Please don’t consider it as a rant. I very well understand that this is volunteer work, and that package maintainers may be busy with other things or have lost appetite. I just would like to know what kind of quality and support can be reasonably expected, and if the answer is not much then maybe review the quality rating of the app in the catalog?

Thanks for letting me know!

I’ll try to debug the problems myself, and will share my findings if any.


PS: I wrote in English for maximum reach but answers in French are fine as well.

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Here are my findings about the pictures not being displayed: Pictures not displayed correctly after fresh install · Issue #128 · YunoHost-Apps/piwigo_ynh · GitHub

Hi !
Same here I try to install yesterday, photos are not displaying and a error saying that the photo files are not found in the file system


un petit up !

En résumé, l’installation de piwigo laisse une app non-fonctionnelle.

  1. Si on installe avec un path xxxx.org/piwigo il est impossible de voir les photos
  2. si on installe sur la racine, l’interface graphique ne fonctionne pas.

Cela semble être le cas depuis plus d’un mois au vu des différents post.

A ce jour, je n’ai pas vu de réponse fiable sur ces problèmes. J’ai aussi pu passer à coté.

Est ce quelqu’un à une solution ?


My findings about not being able to log in : It looks like the upgrade removed all the installed plugins, including LDAP login…

I was able to reset the password of my user in database, using this tip: Lost Password | Piwigo.org

Now I need to install and reconfigure all the plugins I had installed…

More related to my initial post : I noticed that the ynh diagnosis tool warns that piwigo is not part of the catalog anymore. Is this related to the recent reported problems? I couldn’t find any announcement of the removal and the reason. How does the yunohost team decide to remove an app from the catalog, and how is this announced? I would be keen to know how likely it is that the app will come back, and when that could be.

This commit set piwigo as not working yesterday. While it’s sad to see it go due to a lack of maintainence, it’s better for yunohost overall to remove these nonworking apps than let new users suffer, thinking they’re functional (Piwigo, as mentioned above, was marked as long-term good standing. Misleading, since it’s broken).
I am genuinely suprised about this though, since I tried to mark it as package-not-maintained, and ericgaspar (a pillar of yunohost) essentially said “no, working on new version in testing branch”.

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I have been using Piwigo since I started using Yunohost about three years ago, and have appreciated very much the work done by volunteers on both projects, and have shown my appreciation with financial contributions to the platform. So naturally I am disappointed that Piwigo is no longer available on yunohost. It does present a bit of a problem now as the updates through YNH can’t be done and attempting to do so outside the platform could present security issues, I need to get my assets out of Piwigo and move them elsewhere. My problem of course…

I do have a question though. Today I counted 8 Not Maintained apps in the YNH catalogue, some of which have had that status for while, and yet over the years Piwigo has moved from not being stared as a good app to being stared and now suddenly vanishing completely, it didn’t even have the Not Maintained badge. What has really happened to Piwigo, an excellent app, for it to just disappear? Also should there not be a clean up of the catalogue now and remove ALL non maintained apps if there is a desire to remove non working apps and not confuse new adopters to YNH?

Oh well, this is the problem with self hosting, apps will come and go. So sad that Piwigo is no longer maintained and now removed. Time to move on. Thanks again though to the people that made it available for the time it was.

Best wishes


PS. It may be a good idea to also announce an apps ending before cutting it off. I only found out when the system sent me a message.

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Hi @deljones and thank you for your interest for YunoHost and Piwigo :slight_smile:
Nowadays we are trying to understand where our efforts are best invested.

Piwigo was not removed from our “system”, only marked as unmaintained (it has been for a while) and broken (i don’t remember the specific issue now). It is just to prevent updates / new installs until the issues are fixed.

TBH one of our main issues with apps is testing. Piwigo is one of the apps that, while we can make the package work “eh”, is not used personally by our package maintainers. So sometimes people come and fix issues and go on with their lifes.

Soooo if you are interested in helping Yunohost, you might want to test Piwigo. We don’t have (yet) good systems to ping testers, but if you see an issue on the app, a broken update, or someone asking for help testing the app, please do ! :slight_smile:

PS. It may be a good idea to also announce an apps ending before cutting it off. I only found out when the system sent me a message.

Well it would have had the same impact : people disappointed with the state of the app and coming here complaining about it.

And to be clear, ericgaspar is not a pillar of YunoHost, he is just a regular contributor. :melting_face:


@Salamandar yes more than happy to test Piwigo, I have a spare vps so happy to test there.

Let’s hope Piwigo returns.