What is the purpose of Yunohost?

I was recently made aware I may not know or fully understand the purpose of yunohost. My impression was it encouraged decentralization of infrastructure. Love that mission.

Is there another purpose, though? Maybe there’s a threshhold of experience I need (in server admin) before using?

I am asking related to this feedback here:

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cf. Frequently Asked Questions | Yunohost Documentation

We are rather aiming at user service decentralization than infrastructure decentralization.

With that in mind, the goals of Verdaccio (GitHub - verdaccio/verdaccio: 📦🔐 A lightweight Node.js private proxy registry) seem pretty much overkill for a standard Interner user. :wink:


Huh, well I don’t see a difference in principle as a ‘user service’ between something like listmonk and verdaccio. Writer vs developer user. ‘Overkill’ tells me I am missing information here, but I don’t know what.

Perhaps the npm registry is a special case of being corporately tied to node.js, such that the absence of one means absence of the other. My simple thought process was they might deprecate and remove versions and then old websites may want to postpone upgrading, so want to keep access to ‘old’ dependencies. Plus the privacy of downloading once only.

There are circumstances I can understand, but I don’t understand currently. I hope it is considered in the future that infrastructure decentralization and tools of workflow resilience can play a part. I am excited about Yunohost filling that role for me.


Hi, I am not part of Yunohost team so this is just my personal view and understanding.
People who install and manage Yunohost servers want to offer services to individuals or small groups of people (like associations, maybe small businesses). Those people will have a user account and activate services like Nextcloud, blogging, photo galleries, music collection and streaming, backup, or things like listmonk which they will use to manage/send mailing lists.
There are a few apps that are more aimed at System administrators (like Prometheus).
My understanding is that currently, Yunohost is not aimed at creating decentralized infrastructures for developers…

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System admin tools are no doubt relevant for the sheer system admins themselves running the instance. And the ubiquity of end user applications in Yunohost is definitely attractive (to those wanting) and important for privacy.

It’s a great project. I can always look for alternatives, to assess if dealing with anti-social behavior is a cost I’d take on. “If you don’t like it, leave it” is always a valid criticism.

Great product (as in product of labor), I have had proud moments using it, like my first ever email sent from a VPS and not landing in spam. My countenance lit up ‘like a Christmas tree’. Hopefully the spirit of this project outshines any obstacles.

Well you could frame “users” as “non very tech-savy people” as the first class target of the project, in my view. One could say “end user”, not devs (this isn’t a devops tool).
A tool that is here to ease some developer experience, for a software (Yunohost) that isn’t targeting very technical users that could very much install them themselves, isn’t really in the scope and energy and time invested in an efficient for the chosen end users.

I’m afraid it’s not made for that.

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Just seeing this subject, and responding maybe more to why you asked this question than to the question itself, I thought I could give my two cents on why it’s probably not necessary to have verdaccio in yunohost wishlist.

To me the wishlist purpose is to have an inventory of apps that would be very much useful for many yunohost users/admins but nobody had time to package yet.
I think if someone wanted to write and maintain a verdaccio package for yunohost there’s nothing wrong with that, and that might even be useful to a few admins (like you) and save them the time to install and maintain it manually on their server. But to me that doesn’t mean verdaccio should be on the wishlist, for the reasons all the people who answered to this topic said about yunohost’s “raison d’être”.

I wanted to add this to say that it’s not because nobody packaged verdaccio that you cannot use yunohost for what it’s good at, to make your server admin life easier, and then decide to install manually verdaccio on your server because you like this software and it’s purpose.
Just to say that I don’t see any antagonism between your appreciation of yunohost, and the fact that there may not be someone motivated to package verdaccio for you or include it into a list of apps considered to be useful to yunohost if packaged.

(Sorry for this too long and not so well written message, didn’t manage to make it better ;/)