What is the purpose of "Outgoing/incoming emails"



I am wondering about the checkbox called “Outgoing emails” or “Incoming emails” in a domain configuration (under Domain > [any domain] > Features).

I believe that’s a rather recent parameter and was not able to find any documentation or relevant threads in this forum.

My email is managed by an external provider and I am happy like that. I used the following post to configure that, but I was hoping maybe the checkboxes listed above can provide a similar feature without manually tweaking configuration files.

Any one can tell me how they work or point to some documentation?


Je m’interroge sur les cases à cocher “Emails sortants” et “Emails entrants” dans la configuration d’un domaine (on trouve ces cases dans Domaines > [un domaine quelconque] > Features).

Je pense que ces fonctionnalités sont récentes mais je n’arrive pas à trouver de documentation, ni de post dans ce forum qui en explique le fonctionnement.

Mes mails sont gérés par un fournisseur externe et c’est un mode de fonctionnement qui me convient. Je me suis basé sur l’article suivant qui permet d’externaliser les mails, mais je me dis que les cases à cocher fournissent peut-être une fonctionnalité similaire sans avoir besoin de modifier à la main les fichiers de configuration.

Quelqu’un peut m’en expliquer le fonctionnement ou m’indiquer où trouver de la documentation ?

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Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : yes, modifying postfix and dnsmasq to keep email out of yunohost for some domains, cf. the following post

did you get this info from any other place? I am also wondering if this only has to be active for the MX server domain or if this is needed for any domain that you use in a email address.

For example:
My mx is mail.example.org, but my email address is hello@example.org, do need these settings to be active on mail.example.org or on example.org or on both to send/receive mails via hello@example.org?

I didn’t get the information but I believe it only has to do with DNS configuration. The generated DNS domain differs when checking or unchecking the checkbox. I didn’t notice any other change.

Since the code is law: https://github.com/YunoHost/yunohost/blob/debian/

Indeed, it only affects the DNS records for that domain, basically disabling the setting will remove the MX record and TXT record for SPF.

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