What do you think about Strapi?

I just stumbled upon Strapi. It appears to be an awesome, solid choice to manage content and publish it. Considered its popularity on GitHub, I was surprised not to see it listed in YunoHost’s wishlist.

What do you think about it? Do you have any experience with it that you would like to share?

Anything that could better inform my decision to learn and implement it would be much appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

It’s solid choice … if it fits your constraints :wink: It seems cool but is a dev/power-user oriented tool (which is probably related to the fact that it gets many stars on github because github is a basically dev/poweruser social network). Some people don’t fit that public or want to share the management of their website with non-techsavy users and therefore may stick with good ol’ wordpress or classic CMS solutions

With that said it sound very cool and would be awesome to see it packaged and would probably be interested myself to use it in some context