What config for Wordpress with 10 users simultaneously?


what config you advise for a PHP / WORDPRESS / MYSQL installation for a website that will have 300 users per day // 10 users max simultaneously ?

  • is VPS with 4 gb enough ? or shall i have 8 gb ?
  • how many cpu cores ?

p.s. i plan to use OVH VPS… and i might have 1-2 smaller sites on yunohost… but not active…

I don’t know, but for the record I’m running it on a VPS with 2 vCores, 2GB RAM. For 1 account. Very low traffic (<50 people/day).
It is slow sometimes, but my VPS is used by other software such as Nextcloud, and that’s the HDD that is slowing down everything.

I have another one on a raspberry pi 3 with 1GB of RAM, for 1 account, it is often slow in the admin UI, but not for the website. Low traffic (50-100/day).
1GB of RAM is sometimes a bit limiting (if I run a backup for instance, while wordpress is in high use), but with zram enabled I saw no performance cost but I can go up to 1.5~2G of memory before swapping.

If by “users” your referring to the readers, then I think 2GB and 2 cores (+ the appropriate bandwidth) are fairly enough.

1 core 8 gb ram ?
2 cores and 4 gb ram ?

Don’t ! I learnt it the hard way a few days ago, but OVH is not up to its reputation anymore.

Seems like you are willing to use a VPS, not pure self-host.
If that’s the case, I can only advise you to rent a VPS by the month to a supplier that has a “public cloud” offering (often based on Open Stack). Just start with 2GB / 1vCore, which seems to be the big majority of what us Yunohost on VPS users have.

If you feel that’s not enough, just do a snapshot, rebuild a stronger VPS (like 4GB / 2vCores) based on that snapshot, change 1 DNS setting and you are good to go !
Why bother ? These virtual servers / open stack things are meant to be used that way.

The good thing about Yunohost is that it doesn’t use any containerization (dockers and so on). This is why it’s quite surprisingly efficient. I have a Yunohost instance running Rainloop and Nextcloud for 15 users, and my entry level 2GB/1vCore stands the pressure perfectly.

I you have to choose between both, clearly 2 cores and 4GB.
But I believe it’s even too much :thinking:

Hi @yurone,
My config if it helps:
I have a VPS with Greenhost (wind powered data centre) they told me about Yunohost as I had zero VPS/Debian/Linux experience.
I have 7 Wordpress sites (including 2 staging), average 250 users per day across all sites, Nextcloud, Matomo. I had to stop peertube (too much space and ram).
My VPS: 40GB HD, 4GB Ram 2 CPU cores. €26 / month.
I started with 2GB 1 CPU but that was too slow.
I usually have between 17-23% Ram left.

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