What about hometown, mastodon fork?


i know there are mastodon and its glitch-soc already on yunohost, but what about hometown, one of the most beloved forks?

there is really no one willing and able to package it for ynh? :cry:

i would to it myself, but i dont have the skills and knowledge to package and mantain anything.
i could try to be of help/support if needed, but i can’t coordinate the task for sure.

any volunteer? :sweat_smile:


I think it’s mostly because it’s not a very well know software.
And of course, benevolent time, so if someone have time to work on this it’s great but that the limiting factor :slight_smile:


:slightly_frowning_face: :cry: :sob:

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What I suppose it’s that as it is probably very close to Mastodon (from now) packaging it should not be that difficult, by adapting from Yunohost Mastodon package.
For reference : Initial migration · hometown-fork/hometown Wiki · GitHub
Maybe most of that could be automated in a package that install Mastodon + migrate it to Hometown. I don’t see any standalone installation instruction so I guess that’s the only way to go.

Yet it’s not that easy to create and maintain such a package.

On the other side, if you are confortable with such a task, you can install Mastodon from Yunohost and then migrate it with the given instructions.
But in the mid/long term it might be an issue, as you will not be able to automatically upgrade (you should not upgrade the package using Yunohost process), and probably migrating to a possible Hometown package might not be trivial.

beside the documented guide on the ynh website, do you know if anyone has ever made some sort of step-by-step guide for packaging?

ping @Aleks ?

I don’t know any real step-by-step guide … You can maybe have a look at https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/hextris_ynh’s manifest.toml, scripts/install and conf/app.src for a quick overview of a ~simple app, but it’s difficult to create a simple step-by-step guide as it’s almost as learning an entire programming language … not to mention that you must be somewhat familiar with bash/cli, sysadmin and generally tweaking computers in general … (and also the current packaging doc is outdated and horendous and shoud be reworked from scratch)


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I would suggest to start from Mastodon_ynh package, on adjust/build on top of that.

Migrating from Mastodon to Hometown is possible (and relatively not complex), so I believe installation processes should be very similar.
One way to do it, while non optimal, is to use Mastodon package, it will install Mastodon, and in that package add the additional step to migrate to Hometown.

So won’t fix the upgrade (and maybe backup&restore) stuff, but at least you might have a working version.

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yep, got it, not really something i can or should do given my poor skills.
it makes sense.

thank you for sharing.

this sound like a better solution for me, even though it entails some extra work, but i like it.
thank you very much for the help. :smiling_face: