What about Beeper?

It is been a while since I have been following Beeper, and what they do is awesome, I would even say game-changing!

Is there anyone considering to package it for YunoHost? There is even a self-hosting guide:eyes:

I added this service to the wishlist a while ago, but it does not seem it was considered much.

I believe this app should be prioritized because it would arguably be one of the most useful and essential of all YunoHost ones.


Seems to be made of Matrix bridges mostly… most of the required dependencies already exist in the Yunohost catalogue… I haven’t looked at the Beeper specifics though.

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Yes, most of the well known bridges are actually maintained by Beeper devs (which makes sense since their offer relies on them). Beeper also has their own client on top of that.

And their client isn’t open source, so hosting matrix with bridges and using element is what we get (and that’s great!)

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Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well.
I want to that how can I make custom changes on the front end of the Matrix Element Web app I have cloned the element-web repo and matrix-js-sdk and matrix-react-sdk too, but I am not sure how I can change the frontend UI of Element-web please help me if anyone knows, help me to understand the folder and file structure of the app?
Thank you.