Websites of server don't work with no-script browser extension

Is there a way to make the pages of the server (web-admin and service’s page) to work without javascript?

“The page of the server” could mean anything …

Also why are you not using the support template topic …

edited, I mean the web-admin and service’s pages, like netxcloud, nitter, searx etc.

The webadmin is heavily based on Javascript, and so are Nextcloud, Nitter or whatever, which we don’t develop. Any modern complex web thing requires Javascript one way or another.

Also blocking javascript with no-script extension or whatever is firstly meant to not run third-party JS code in your browser, because it could somehow be malicious, because, internet is dark and full of terrors

But in the context of YunoHost we’re not talking about third party, we’re talking about services under you control. If you don’t trust the JS of your services … well, don’t host them in the first place.

But for the love of god don’t use no-script extensions to block JS “because JS is inherently evil” or something

Yes, I understand all that and I have whitelisted my services naturally. But I would like to serve to my users a javascript free experience if possible.

It’s not possible because there’s just too many dynamic things that depend on JS (such as fetching the info from the API, in the case of the webadmin). Also we are not the developers of Nextcloud or basically any app that you may install through YunoHost, we just provide an easy way to install stuff.

But same thing goes for your friends, if they don’t trust your services enough to run the javascript, then they should probably not use them in the first place.

Thanks for the info. It’s not at all a critic on yunohost, on the contrary I am very thankfull for the devs, but just wanted to check the possibilities.

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