Webapp user not allowed in SSH because none of user's groups are listed

Hey there!

I’ve run into a problem using SFTP with the user created by Custom Webapp installation.

My YunoHost server

  • Hardware: Old laptop or computer
  • YunoHost version:
  • I have access to my server: Through SSH (and via direct access if needed)
  • Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ?: No special context here

Description of my issue

I have a custom webapp installed on my YunoHost server. Previously, I’ve used the automatically generated user (webapp1) to use SSH and SFTP for the webapp’s directory. However, when I tried to SSH as webapp1 today (for the first time in several months), my attempts to log in failed. In my terminal, I got the message “Permission denied, please try again,” and my logs for the SSH service have this corresponding line:

User webapp1 from [IP address] not allowed because none of user’s groups are listed in AllowGroups


In a similar issue, @Aleks commented “By any chance, is it my_webapp ?” It wasn’t for that issue, but it is for me! Unfortunately, that user’s issue was not with my_webapp, so I didn’t see a solution to try.

In this topic, the solution was that the my_webapp_ynh app was not up to date. That doesn’t seem to be the case for me. I see no app updates available for my_webapp_ynh, and my system packages are up to date.

Any help would be appreciated—I’ve got some changes to my webapp that I’d love to push! :grin:


The login for my_webapp changed a while ago, it should now be my_webapp ( = the id of the yunohost app) instead of webapp1 (which was confusing because not the id of the app, and less practical to manage in terms of programming)

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Ah, brilliant. Thanks, @Aleks, that did the trick.

I’ve now got some permissions issues on uploading images via SFTP, but that’s another issue for another time (and can be manually fixed via chmod and chgrp).

Thanks again.

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