We plan to release YunoHost 11 as stable in the next days, please test it :)

Let’s try with sudo yunohost log share /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-13-main.log
Share the output URL.

Ok. I need to reinstall Yunohost 11 since I loaded a backup

So what is the current status of Yunohost 11? This thread was started in May and implied days before release, but when I check the requirements page, it still says Debian 10 and I don’t see a specific topic saying that Yunohost 11 is tested released and blessed going forward.

Is this out of beta and Debian 11 is the best OS to install, or install Debian 10 and wait further for upgrade path?


Is there an estimated date on a full stable release?

waiting for the same. I have to test the server.