Was Supabase ever considered as a Yunohost app?

Hello everyone,

As this is my first post here, thanks everyone for the work on Yunohost !
I currently work at a french NGO called Latitudes and your collective work has a great impact on our ability to do our job in a proper way and in the respect of our values (especially around open source tools useage and data privacy control :heart_eyes: oh and low price is always appreciated in structures like ours :sweat_smile: )

I have a question about a tool I recently fell in love with (yes, love, really :stuck_out_tongue: ) : did everyone here ever considered adding Supabase as a Yunohost app ?

For those who don’t know it, Supabase essentially is a DB Wrapper for PostgreSQL, which provides :

  • an UI to simplify the use of command-line advanced features of PostgreSQL (functions, triggers, row level security rules …)
  • a built-in API with a CRUD and access to database functions
  • extensions like Supabase auth that helps you implement a standard auth architecture and handle database roles and authentication :heart_eyes:

In a fewer words it allows you to use PostgreSQL as a very simple secured backend … for free as it can be self hosted and is open source with a permissive license.

I’ve searched on this forum and could not find any discussion about it, although having a strong Firebase-like DB wrapper seems to me like a very strong asset for a mid-sized org trying to escape from nocode DB tools (that are very restrictive by design).

What I’m trying to understand here is :

  • Is there an obvious reason why a tool like Supabase would’nt make sense as a Yunohost app ?
  • Did everyone tried and faced major issues forcing her or him to stop trying ?
  • Globally, does it make sense for us to launch a project with our volunteers to contribute to Yunohost by adding this app ? :smiling_face:

I’d be extremely enthusiastic to launch this project if it makes sense, as providing a free (thanks to Supabase) and easy to deploy (thanks to Yunohost) backend with correct data privacy and ownership for any NGO that wishes to use it would be … huge. :heart_eyes:

So I really hope you’ll just answer “no, no one tried but go on” :wink:



I do not know if anyone tried, but it is not even in the wishlist : YunoHost app store | Application Wishlist

So on my side : « no, no one tried, but go on » :wink:

Oh I did not know about the wishlist !

Thank you for your answer :slightly_smiling_face:

(So sad for poor Supabase though :stuck_out_tongue: )

There are zero stars on pgadmin, so it seems that this kind of tools is not really a tool wanted by the users that knows the whitelist exits.
But it is not a reason not to make it available :wink:

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