Warning messages by YunoRunner during testing firefly-iii

Messages by YunoRunner during testing firefly-iii:

“WARNING You are in ‘detached HEAD’ state. You can look around, make experimental”

Is there somewhere “git checkout master” missing in the script(s)?

There’s also another warning:

“WARNING: Unable to locate package firefly-iii-ynh-deps”

Are these important warnings, or negligible messages?

Also in [Test 8/8]

“Error: It looks like anybody can read/enter /var/www/firefly-iii, which ain’t super great from a security point of view … Config files or other files may contain secrets or information that should in most case not be world-readable. You should remove all ‘others’ permissions with ‘chmod o-rwx’, and setup appropriate, exclusive permissions to the appropriate owner/group with chmod/chown.”