Wallabag & Paywall

I’ve Wallabag (Version: 2.3.8) on Yunohost (3.6.4), and an account on NextInpact. I’d like to read some pay article in Wallabag and Wallabag has as payload configuration pages. I can’t find the option in Wallabag, and previsously the access was via a link like /wallabag/site-credentials/’ (never use this functionnality).

Does someone know how to use / configure the paywall configuration ?

if i access /wallabag/site-credentials, i have a 404 error displayed by wallabag with “404: Not Found Feature “restricted_access” is disabled, controllers too.”

Following the doc https://doc.wallabag.org/en/user/articles/restricted.html (RTFM : Read the Funny Manual) I have enabled the paywall credentials.

But they are not working. Issues is opened on Github https://github.com/wallabag/wallabag/issues/2998 about same problem.