VPN for privacy&geo-delocalization: VPN on yuno or buy a VPN

maybe it is time for me to install VPN…

what do you suggest install a VPN on my yunohost (VPS chez OVH) or better buy a cheap VPN from a professional provider ?

i have few production sites on my YUNOHOST, but i think it has enouph of ram, cpu and bandwith for a vpn :slight_smile:

It depends on your goal.

If it’s for anonymity/privacy, a personal VPN won’t help you so much. You’ll be alone using it, so it’s easy to guess you’re the one behind it.
However, it can hide you hide by replacing it with your VPN’s IP address. At least you hide your real location from the sites you visit.
It can be useful also to bypass an annoying filtering in your local network (and so on).

Also, think about the uptime: do you need your VPN to be available 99% of the time, or is it ok if sometimes it’s not available ? (if you crash your server, in case of power cut, …)

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I agree with Lapineige, it’s all about usage. If you are concerned about privacy, personal VPN is not the good way to go. I would even say that in this case, VPN is not the right tool (better use tor network).

If you’re looking for an efficient way of outpassing some network limitations it can be a real winner. I’m exactly using the setup you describe. My personal Yunohost instance is runing on a Cloud VPS from OVH, and I have installed OpenVPN on it (see my small “installation tutorial” here : Installation tips for installation of OpenVpn on YunoHost)

Regarding the uptime, I use my VPN everyday (Chinese internet is very far from neutral…) and I’m very satisfied with the quality and speed provided. For reference, I use the cheapest of the “Cloud VPS” from OVH (~3 euros a month)

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Which is not comfortable for all usages (for instance it’s very slow), and not always needed (it depends on your threat model).
Both can be used depending on your needs.
(but you need to trust the VPN, and to choose a good one)

Is there a way by which we can share the connection between each other through LDAP or maybe create a tor like network between YunoHost servers?

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What’s the point ?

If you want a secure anonymisation service, install a TOR relay (I think there’s even a package for Yunohost - but it’s not something for beginners, at least regarding security stuff).

I will recommend using NordVPN it is the best cheap VPN. When I was using ivpn , i faced streaming and connectivity issues every time. I search for other vpn providers then and found the article where i got the list of top but cheap vpn services https://www.reviewsdir.com/best-cheap-vpn-service/ after analyzing all I switched to Nord. Since using NordVPN I never got any issue with it.

I have been trying with YunoHost for quite a while. So, I have a PureVPN subscription that supports up to 5 devices and can be configured manually, here’s more information https://www.purevpn.com/anonymous-vpn

How do I set it up on yunohost? I need it for privacy and anonymity.

I think you can try to install the vpn client app : https://github.com/labriqueinternet/vpnclient_ynh/

It is originally conceived mainly for FFDN’s VPNs with the hypercube format, but you should also be able to configure the DNS manually (from the web interface of this app)


I would also agree with Lapineige, it’s all about usage. If you are concerned about privacy, personal VPN is not the good way to go. If you’re looking for an effective and cheap way for avoiding network and geo-graphic restrictions I would suggest you to have a look at best cheap vpn options. I got a pure vpn from here and believe me it is very much effective in this regard.

If you have a YunoHost VPS and using it for personal use, why not use it for VPN or proxy server too. I am sure there will be lot of free bandwidth for the VPN. At least you can be sure that your logs are with you and are not kept with some random VPN provider.

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You would see most of the vpn providers would pull you to buy their yearly or 2 yearly plans and they offer cheap price only when you buy a long term package. Some people like me use vpn for short term such as I had to buy vpn for a month to watch FIFA matches. I searched and found most of the providers were offering long term plans. I however found some cheap vpn services for a single month only. You wouldn’t believe the cheapest of them is IB VPN which offers 1 month service for $2.48.
This will be really helpful for me in future as well.
P.S. Avoid free vpns for complete privacy and security.

I would suggest to go at bestvpn.co and you will find amazing deals their of amazing vpn brands

I wouldn’t suggest you to install the vpn client app since it causes lot of troubles with IP tables and actually hides php7.0-fpm to start properly when you reboot your server…
There is an issue : https://dev.yunohost.org/issues/1137
I confirm, this is not only due to a custom debian install, same issue comes with a new installation from the x64 iso!
Be very careful!

Yes, a VPN securely encrypts all communications between your device and the VPN provider - preventing anyone on the hotel’s WiFi from eavesdropping on what you are doing.

However, nowadays, almost all websites are securely encrypted anyway with something called SSL (https). So if you visit say your bank’s website, all communication between your device and their website is encrypted, even without a VPN. Ten years ago, many sites still weren’t encrypted - like your web mail, so they could easily be viewed on an open WiFi network. Not true anymore.

One thing a VPN can hide is what websites you visit, even if all communication with them is secure. in other words, if you visit the Bank of America website on the hotel’s WiFi network, it can be observed on the local network (maybe, if it were hacked into) that you visited their website - but not your username/password or anything you do on that website. If you use a VPN, they can’t even tell you are visiting the Bank of America site. Up to you whether you think that sort of thing is really worth the extra steps needed for a VPN.

Hello there,

VPN mainly depends upon you task as you are saying you have production sites i would not reffer you to go for a cheap VPN. But anyways if you want a VPN go for Nord vpn it is reliable and useful in hidding your real location that would help your sites.

For privacy concern vpn is must to use either for apple tv or for android.I am using apple tv vpn to unlock the blocked content of apple tv.

If you are in a country X and your VPS is in a datacenter in the same country, there will be limitations even if we configure a VPN between our device and our VPS, no ? But it will help to have a more neutral internet, by skipping the IAP limitations ?

We can buy VPS some place else out of the country. But the data can be traced if there are less people using the VPS.


From China…Ivacy is not in secure territory.
I prefer ProtonVPN in Swiss : https://protonvpn.com/

Enjoy :slight_smile: