VPN Connection for server to bypass the port 25 block. Advice needed

My YunoHost server

Hardware: AMD 64x

YunoHost version: Latest and greatest so far!

Are you in a special context, or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? :wink:

If yes, please explain:

We have an issue with port 25 since our new cool ISP suddenly blocked it.

I tried to use a SMTP relay since no e-mail can send out, but that is a dirty trick.

Description of my issue

So let’s start that I had to move my server to a new location however, I did not have the possibility to migrate my old internet connection with it. Them stupid monopolist cable providers over here :frowning: . We got two of them in the Netherlands, ISP A and ISP B, the first one is the new one, the other one is the old ISP. Now the fun part, I know that they are using the same network infrastructure, heck they are even compatible with one and other. This due to the fact that the TX-Cable is just a white label cable and the modem just verifies the provider.

Now ISP B was just fine to provide the service for port 25 and they even changed the reverse DNS, I just had to send them an e-mail from my domain. YEEY ISP B!

Now ISP A, they are telling me that they are willing to provide me the solution after I pay them 25 euro more each month, and for the same price raise they are even giving me an internet speed of 30 Mb/s less. Yep, Great deal, I thought. For them, does not for me! To me, it’s a pointless way of making more money for less. YEET ISP A…

So now my hopes.

Luckily I did not kill the contract with my old ISP, so I can dump a raspi or something running an VPN, right? Now of course I’ve read Advantage of a VPN for self-hosting | Yunohost Documentation several times at this point, however it doesn’t really specify any VPN which is used for testing.

So my question here is will a Raspberry Pi be suitable, running with i.e., OpenVPN, pivpn or any other?

What are your experiences, what were the issues you faced, and how is it running ever since?

The SMTP mail server cannot send emails to other servers because outgoing port 25 is blocked in IPv4.



You should first try to unblock outgoing port 25 in your internet router interface or your hosting provider interface. (Some hosting provider may require you to send them a support ticket for this).

Some providers won't let you unblock outgoing port 25 because they don't care about Net Neutrality.

- Some of them provide the alternative of using a mail server relay though it implies that the relay will be able to spy on your email traffic.

- A privacy-friendly alternative is to use a VPN *with a dedicated public IP* to bypass this kind of limits. See https://yunohost.org/#/vpn_advantage

- You can also consider switching to a more net neutrality-friendly provider```

The easiest way on YunoHost is definitely to use the VNP app

Look here → VPN providers | Yunohost Documentation

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Love your fast action!

Thanks for the provider list, however how about PI or anyother self-hosted instances?

for that case I´ve done this tutorial → Homemade WireGuard VPN on a VPS server

This is the setup I´m using for more than one year now and it´s working perfectly ! It´s on a VPS but you can do the same on a raspberry without any problem !

ah oui, regardez si le forum le montre aussi… maintenant, j’ai une bonne excuse pour pratiquer mon Français.

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I have an issue here, I’ve setup the steps according to your tutorial, then rebooted both machines. But now YH is unreachable only local ssh is accessible. :frowning: help!

With the help of @rungeard all the issues above are resolved. Only the spam protection of Office 365 needed an IP delisting, but this can differ from your specific situation! With that said topic closed!

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