Vpn_client doc page

I tried to set up vpn_client application manually.
(A typo seems existing in the installation script when translating .cube file.)

I didn’t find documentation page.
There is a 404 error message.

But, I’m pretty sure this page existed few years ago.
Am I wrong?


Anyway, thanks for this amazing yunohost project.

Is this the page you need?

You can access it by looking up the VPN Client app in the application catalogue, then clicking the </> Code button (instead of the Doc button!?).

Thanks mikaelv for taking time to answer.
Following the links, it’s going to github project page.

There, there is indeed a presentation page not a documentation page.
Presently, vpn_client .cube translation script has a typo.

Then, I’d like to install vpn info manually.
Unfortunately, following github project documentation link drive to a 404 page.

Could you explain precisely the problem ?

Hi ljf,

If you go on github vpn_client ( Issues · YunoHost-Apps/vpnclient_ynh · GitHub ) you’ll see a lot of issues regarding last vpn_client update.

But, I just saw that you produced an update in another thread.

Yes a new testing version has been released to support vpn with password only and .cube with openvpn_rm instruction.

If it’s confirmed it works (i have no password only vpn), it will be publish in master quickly.

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