Videoconferencing with bigbluebutton?

Since corona videoconferencing solution are wanted.

Just got to know the great solution bigbluebutton

Could yunohost work with bigbluebutton ?

It seems there is no yunohost package for it.

But i think it’s possible to create the package.

It’s a great app i rediscovered ot this week it’s amazing.

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Unfortunately, BigBlueButton seems to require ports 80+443 for itself, which is not compatible with YunoHost (correct?).

Its developers explain why here, which I find to be a weak explanation. Nevertheless, they do not provide any clear mean to change ports. :frowning:

This one is a bit harder – we’ve not tried to run BigBlueButton on anything except the standard ports of 443/80…

hmm… don´t really understand why…

Me neither. They go in long lengths there explaining why they advise against using different ports. They dumb it down to “port conflicts with existing applications” and “resource contention with existing applications”, saying that should not be an issue for an experienced sysadmin… but they never explain how to change those ports anyway. That should be my server, my rules, and not their software, their rules. :angry:

Maybe you could try their docker image? But it seems to be outdated, and it would add up to bad performances with a container…

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