Video surveillance


Matériel: Vieil ordinateur …
Version de YunoHost:
J’ai accès à mon serveur : En SSH | Par la webadmin | En direct avec un clavier/écran | …
Êtes-vous dans un contexte particulier ou avez-vous effectué des modificiations particulières sur votre instance ? : non
Bonjour je voudrais savoir si l’on peut faire de la vidéosurveillance avec yunohost,avec un camera branché en usb.auriez vous ce mouton à 5 pattes

I do have a personal solution, not packaged for YunoHost but working on my YunoHost.

For a quick explanation, it’s a cheap USB webcam plugged to my server.
motion to handle the webcam.
Motion is configured to trig any move in the field of the webcam.
As soon as motion see something moving, it start a script that stores the pictures from motion to send them by email until no movements are detected anymore.

And finally I use a modified sysvinit script to disable and enable the webcam when the service is started or stopped.
So I can enable the whole system from my phone when I’m out.

It worked since several years and proved quite useful. Even if often triggered by my cat…

If it can be of any help,


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