VaultWarden - what is my master password?

My YunoHost server

Hardware: VPS bought online
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server : Through SSH | through the webadmin
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Description of my issue

I have today installed VaultWarden and received the automated email with the Admin Token enabling me to log in to https://my.domain/vaultwarden/admin without any problems. Then I issued an invitation to myself to “Join” my “Vaultwarden” Organisation.

When I go to the URL https://my.domain/vaultwarden, I am asked to log in. On this login page I am prompted for my email address and “master password”. I tried to log in with my Yunohost user login but that didn’t work. I also tried my Yunohost admin password and the VaultWarden “admin token”.

No matter what I try, I get the same error message: The username or password is incorrect.

I have also tried to create a new account with my email address, but then I am told the account already exists.

I was not prompted for a password when I set up VaultWarden, nor when I “Invited” myself from the admin interface. How do I find out what this Master Password is supposed to be?


Waikiki, Western Australia

For what I remember, Vaultwarden is a little bit complicated on tge account creation.
If I remember correctly :

  1. Admin invite an email
  2. User accept the invitation, follow a link and create account (with mail used as login)
  3. Admin validate the account
  4. User can finalize the account creation

For every user on my server, I had to do tge account creation myself and all I remember is that it is complicated, but it works.

If you create accounts for other people, you can tell them that they can configure their account so that another user will be able to change their password (the admin can not do this, so one pf my users lost all their passwords by forgotting their passwords)

Thanks for your reply. My problem is that I am the admin and I haven’t been able to create my own account. It appears it already exists, with a password, that I didn’t create so I don’t know what it is!

There is an admin, and a user, those are two differents things.
In tge admin panel (accessible via https://my.domain/vaultwarden/admin using the admin password automatically generated during the installation, and if you do not have it, there are info about this exact problem on this forum).
In the admin panel you will be able to validate the user accounts.

So does that mean that the Admin can’t have a user account?

I can log in as admin, as I mentioned in my OP.

From the Admin User management page (https://my.domain//vaultwarden/admin/users/overview) I issued an invite to my own email address so I could set up my account. That’s when I discovered that my user account already exists, but I don’t know what the password for my VaultWarden user account is.

Is it possible for the VaultWarden Admin to have a User account also?

If so, how do I do this?

Alternatively, is it possible to change the Admin for VaultWarden, or would I have to completely reinstall it?

Many Thanks

Admin user do not even have a login, that is not a user, this is an administration interface, protected by a password.

Users have a login (which is the mail used for the invitation) and a password.

User and admin have totally different role, and to make things more complicated, an user can be an admin for a community, but this is managed in the user interface, not in the admin one.

But does the Admin user have an email address? I think I used my own email address when I configured the Admin user. Then when I sent an invite to myself (ie to the same email address as I used for the VaultWarden administrator), and I responded to the invitation by clicking on the link, it prompted me for the “master password”.

I think I’m going to need to uninstall VaultWarden and then reinstall it using a different Administrator email address. I’ll create an “” email alias that points to my own real email address and use that as the vaultwarden admin email address and see if that fixes my problem.

Hmmm, I’ve just started down this path and discovered that when installing VaultWarden, you are prompted for an Administrator user, it doesn’t appear possible to use an email alias :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Is there any way around this other than to create a YunoHost user specifically to admininster VaultWarden?

I really do not remember as I installev it months ago, but I am pretty sure that the administration page only request a password, no login, and that after that you can invite users from the admin interface.
The only mail used in the admin interface is the one from which emails will be sent, which is the admin email, but in my case just a random non-existant mail (@my server, but non existinq, my users will contact me directly as it is just my family)

That might have been the case when you installed yours @Mamie, but it’s not now. When you install the current app version, you don’t have an option to put any old email address in. You get a combobox, populated with a list of YunoHost users on your system and you can only chose one from the list.

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