/var partition is full

My YunoHost configuration

**Hardware: x64
Internet access: ethernet at home
YunoHost version: 2.7.9

I have noticed that the /var partition is full. I can not update via the web module and my Nextcloud instance is not really working due to this.

2018-03-07 08_54_01-SRV - TeamViewer

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Hi @antaeusdk ,

You can search on this forum, but basically and in theory the steps are :

  1. BACKUP !
  2. use a gparted live-CD or live-USB
  3. Reduce and move /home on the right
  4. move /tmp on the right
  5. expand /var
  6. turn off gparted and restart your server


Thank you ppr for your response.

I feared that would be the solution.

Is there any dangers in changing /var to be on the same partition as / ? My reservations is just, that if 3GB wasn’t enough, then what is?

@antaeusdk ,

In my case i’ve / and /swap.
My /var is about 2.4 Go with this command

du -h /var

It would be better to contact YunoHost dev’s team in order to ask them the efficient size for your /var.
Maybe fix the new size at 6 Go could be enough but i’m not sure of that.

Note that to reduce and move your /home this will take a lot of time due to the 308 Go used, unlike for your /tmp and the resize of your /var they should be quicker.


Thank you for your response.

Right now, I don’t really know what to do. The last time I expanded my drive, my Seafile has to resync everything again, which took 3 days or so.

How do I get in contact with the developers?

Like this :wink:

Hellow :wave:

My first advice would be to have a look into what’s taking place and what you can gain. For instance, maybe clearing apt’s cache might allow to get some significant free space :

apt-get clean

If not, have a look at what’s taking space, so for example start with :

du -hs /var/*

I found that 1.1GB was taken by old apt packages, and was sorted tempoarily with a ap-get clean :slight_smile:

But, is it standard that the installer makes a 3GB partition with /opt? I can’t say that I remember I would have done such a thing.

Thank you in advance.